¡Hooola! ¿Cómo estás?  Do you like colors? What´s your favourite color? Today we will learn and practice basic colors in Spanish together. 
I have prepared a list of basic colors in Spanish and some interactive games to play and practice. Are you ready? Let´s have a look together:

– blanco – white
– amarillo – yellow
– rosa – pink
– naranja – orange
– rojo – red
– morado – purple
– azul – blue

– verde – green
– marrón – brown
– gris – grey
– negro – black
– oro – gold
-plata – silver

At the end of this post you will find a PDF with 13 basic colors.
Please feel free to download a copy for your students or your personal use. I hope you will enjoy the resource as well as these interactive activities to study, teach or practice Valentine´s Day vocabulary.

Enjoy and have fun! ¡Disfrútalo!


1 Matching game

2 Listen and match

3 Let´s play Hangman

For more fun activities to learn and practice colors in Spanish, please check out my other related blog posts 🙂

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