Let me tell you a bit more about myself. My name is Miguel Ángel and I was born in Lima, Peru. I currently live in Europe. I teach Spanish as a foreign language (ELE). I have a dog, a little Jack Russel Terrier. She is my friend, helper and a personal assistant 🙂
In the photos you can see how busy and interested she is in creating resources for my students 🙂 She also loves participating in my online classes. My online students are always delighted when she joins the class 🙂

I have been working as a Spanish teacher since 2011. I  created my own language school Español tu Pasión in 2012 after moving to Europe. I have my own classroom full of toys, interesting resources and satisfied students 🙂 I have worked as a High School Spanish teacher as well. It was an amazing experience for me.

I currently work in my own language school Español tu Pasión where I teach all the age groups online and face to face. My youngest students are two years old and my oldest students … well, they will be retiring soon and their dream is to move to Spain to enjoy nice weather and retirement 🙂

In my free time I love travelling and going to nature. I´m interested in history, literature and I write poetry.

Let´s keep in touch 🙂 Please follow me on my social media accounts.